• Bienvenidos!

    Since the month of January of 2016, the law firms of E. Castillo & Asociados (Erwin Castillo) and Arguello Pereyra & Asociados (Sergio Arguello), both with offices in Managua, have decided to unite efforts to improve competitiveness betting for the growth of the law firm E. Castillo Advisors that operates since several years in San Juan del Sur. Through this manner, it is born E. Castillo & Arguello Advisors, which has opened its doors. 

    Soon we will open offices in Tola, Rivas, and we will continue with our expansion project at national level. 

    The current business demands obligate us to improve our portfolio and render specialized services in areas of Real Estate, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property and Condominium Development through Horizontal Property, besides Tourism Development Regime, Immigration, Tax, Litigation and other branches of Law. 

    This alliance, not only confirms our commitment to support you in your business, additionally it comes to strengthen our national presence to attend your needs with a team of professionals with ample experience in the practice of law.    

    In name of this alliance, Erwin Castillo, Sergio Arguello & Asociados we wish to thank you for the trust deposited in us reaffirming our commitment of making of your business the center of our attention.

A fresh approach at Legal Advice services

Latin American, and specifically Nicaraguan lawyers’ way of providing service to their clients are characterized as old fashioned, and by this clients mean that they are not “service-oriented”.

In today’s world almost any firm out there can give you fairly competent legal advice, and some, yes, they will state they are all about good professional work, ethics, and almost every other virtue you can think of, but when it comes time to deliver on their promises, well… that’s when disappointments flourish. We will provide you good competent legal work and all of the promises that others give you, but also we will give you real personalized, goal oriented legal services, and at more than competent prices as well.

So if you’re tired of broken promises and want to have a personal relationship with your legal advisor, you have come to the right place, all you have to do is try us… you will be happy you did.

Real Estate

Corporate Law

Intellectual Property